Groupon Hires Former Chicagoan for PR Spot

Groupon has grabbed yet another tech company executive to help lead it into the public arena.

Former Yahoo public relations employee Bradford Williams will soon take on the role of vice president of Global Communications, according to reports. Williams is a Chicago native and graduate of New Trier High School

It’s a tall order but Williams is well-versed in smoothing out kinks. One of his former jobs includes Yahoo! – he was there during the Microsoft acquisition bid, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He has also worked for big names like Levi Strauss, Gateway, and eBay and adds to Groupon’s roster of employees that left tech giants Yahoo! and Google.

He has an interesting and varied future ahead given news-making company Groupon's  PR issues recently.

Groupon has been drawing on talent from Internet realm for some time, which could provide a lesson to start ups. Go after senior staff who have experience in the types of things you're trying to execute. 

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