Groupon CEO Addresses Job Security Rumors

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason doesn't appear overly concerned about the status of his job.

Mason spoke with Business Insider's CEO Wednesday and addressed reports that Groupon's board of directors planned to discuss the possibility of replacing him at a Thursday meeting.

After referencing the company's dismal stock performance, Mason said "it would be weird if the board wasn't discussing if I was the right guy for the job."

"If I ever thought I wasn't the right person for the job, I'd fire myself," Mason reportedly said.

Mason didn't quite throw himself under the bus, saying he still thought he was the right person for the job.

Over the last few months, a substantive rift has been developing between Groupon’s key players.

That has centered on Mason’s co-founder and Groupon executive chairman Eric Lefkofsky and board member and co-founder Brad Keywell. They, as well as several other directors, have been urging Mason to be more aggressive and public about the company’s turnaround, sources said.

"The question is not whether Andrew is a good guy, but whether Groupon needs an Eric Schmidt," said one person close to the situation, referring to the former Google CEO who was brought in to work closely with its two founders. "And there's been a lot more pressure now on the board to consider this seriously."

Mason also sits on Groupon's board.

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