Group Helps Syrian Girl Get Life-Changing Surgery

A 6-year-old Syrian refugee who lost her leg in a bombing is getting a new lease on life thanks to a group of American volunteers.

Six-year-old Hanan Alhroub was living in a Syrian refugee camp with her family in September when she was injured.

"She actually saw the saw the missile coming toward her home that exploded and caused her to lose her leg,"

Alroub was rushed to Jordan for basic medical care. But thanks to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund, she'll get the corrective surgery she needs at Shriner's Hospital and a prosthetic made just for her.

The group helped Hanan find a host family in Hoffman estates where she's quickly adapting to her temporary home.

"You take her to a playground ... she's a 6 year old ... she's very aware of her leg," Hanan's host mother, Rania Sadeq said. "You can tell she'll tilt sideways, hide her leg under her dress, but it doesn't stop her from doing what she wants to do."

Hanan's host family stays in touch with her parents through texts. She'll return to Syria in a few months after getting comfortable with her new leg.

"You grow to love them and they grow to love you, but you know they belong with their families, and you're happy for them to go back better than when they came,"

” Hanan is expected to undergo the surgery in the next few weeks.

The Palestine Children's Relief Fund is a non-profit group that's helped thousands of other kids just like Hanan.

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