Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears: Chicago's Depressing Loss

The Bears' latest trip to New Orleans was not the party the city is known for. The 30-13 loss was downright depressing. Who stood out?

Grizzly Bears -- Bourbon Street's best:

Matt Forte: If it felt like Forte made up a majority of the Bears' offense yesterday, that's because he did. Of the Bears 246 yards, Forte was responsible for 164 of them. He ran. He caught. He was the only person on offense who didn't looked befuddled by the Saints defense.

Jay Cutler: Why would I include a QB with a 67.3 rating among the best players of the game? Because Cutler kept getting up. He was sacked six times. He was hit many more. He was kicked in the throat in the third quarter, making it difficult to communicate. He was hit in the head several times. He basically got the crap kicked out of him and still managed 244 yards and zero interceptions.

Lance Briggs: Allowing 30 points is not good for any defense, but Briggs did his best to stem the Saints' tide, making 11 tackles, including one of Darren Sproles in the first quarter that kept the Bears in the game.

Teddy Bears -- Bourbon Street's saddest:

Devin Hester: A wide receiver and kick returner's main job is to catch and then hold onto the ball. Forget that Hester had negative punt return yardage and just one catch. He had five passes thrown his way that he could not hang onto, plus a fumble of a kick return. That's not the way to punch another ticket to the Pro Bowl, Devin.

Johnny Knox: What should have been a showcase for Knox was a wasted opportunity. With Roy Williams' inactivity due to a groin injury, Knox could have shown that he deserved the starting spot. Instead, he didn't finish his routes and created no separation from New Orleans' secondary, convincing absolutely no one that he is a better option than Williams.

The offensive line
: Six sacks. 60 rushing yards. That is all.

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