Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears from Chicago's Big Win

Grizzly Bears -- the players who snatched the Falcons out of the sky:

Brian Urlacher: Who are you calling old? Urlacher reminded us that he still has a little something left in the tank with a performance that included an interception, a fumble recovery for a touchdown, six tackles and four assists.  

Matt Forte: How do you prove to the Bears that you're worth tons of cash? Try compiling 158 yards and a touchdown, fighting for yardage on every, single play.

Charles Tillman: The U.S. Patent Office is currently investigating Peanut's arm and the Peanut Football Punch, his incredible move that can force fumbles on even the best runners. In eight seasons, Michael Turner has only fumbled the ball 11 times. Tillman added to the total on Sunday, plus made seven tackles and broke up two passes.

Jay Cutler: The QB had his fifth 300-plus yard game as a Bear on Sunday, moving the ball around to all his receivers and Forte. With two touchdown passes and one interception, he earned a QB rating of 107.8. The best part? The highlights from this game will now replace his lowlights from the NFC Championship game, and we hopefully never have to hear about them again.

Teddy Bears -- The Bears who were the on the wrong end of the Falcons' claws:

Lance Briggs: Hey, Lance! Can we talk for a second? Did you see how Matt Forte reacted to wanting a new contract? Look at that, and take that as your blueprint to how to play when you want more money. Two tackles aren't enough to convince the Bears to open their checkbook.

Offensive line
: Remember how the line held through the last three pre-season games? Yeah, that's over. They gave up five sacks. However, it's not all dire. One of those sacks can be put on Cutler's head for holding onto the ball for too long. They also had to reshuffle halfway through the game when Lance Louis left with an ankle injury.

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