Green Bay Landlord Upset with Tenants’ Beautification

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I just returned from a jaunt to Door County in Wisconsin. While it's a beautiful, relaxing change of pace from the civilization of Chicago, its proximity to Green Bay means it's filled with Packers fans. Everywhere I looked, I saw Packers gear and Packers fans and signs that read "Go Pack Go." It was upsetting to see such ugliness up against the area's natural beauty, but I realized where I was and resisted the urge to give dirty looks to every green and gold G I saw.

Another group of Bears fans who spent time in Green Bay couldn't resist the urge to let it be known who is the best team in the NFC North. Unfortunately, it got them in trouble with their landlord, who went onto a landlord's forum to ask if it was legal to evict the tenants for being Bears fans.

I own a home in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My job took me down Lake Michigan a ways towards Milwaukee, but I do plan on living back in Green Bay when I retire in a few years, so I am renting the place out as I do not want to sell it. As you can imagine, people are VERY fanatic about the Green Bay Packers there. My new tenants lied to me on my application and are actually Chicago Bears fans! They have made this known by putting out Bears crap all over the front lawn (flags, lawn gnomes, placemats, etc.)

Bravo, fellow Bears fans. While you probably shouldn't have lied on the application, you clearly improved the landscape of this home. Even after taking down the Bears paraphernalia, which the fellow landlords said he could require, the house will still be filled with the essence of a Bears fan. No matter what kind of cleaning this landlord does, he will not rid the home of the Bears spirit. It never dies.

Thanks to USA Today.

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