Greater Grand Crossing Bakery Damaged by Hit-and-Run Driver

The owner of Brown Sugar Bakery in Chicago's Greater Grand Crossing got an unexpected wakeup call Sunday after a driver crashed into her business and then took off.

Ruth Hines, the first employee to arrive and observe the damage, said multiple pieces of the car were left behind.

A large walk-in freezer, owner Stephanie Hart's most recent purchase, was nearly destroyed.

"When I got here, I was surprised they drove in to my walk-in freezer on the inside of the bakery," Hart said. "And that hurt. That walk-in freezer was new for us, it represents real progress, and it is what we use to ship nationwide."

Police continued to investigate Sunday to determine what led up to the crash and find who was responsible.

"It's heartbreaking to know," Hines said. "We are moving forward and things like this happen and put a damper on things."

Though Brown Sugar Bakery is out thousands of dollars, the team refuses to let the crash set them back.

"I could be sad, but dang it’s a sunny day in Chicago, I’m choosing to be happy today," Hart said.

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