Granny Panties: 86-Year-Old Shoplifter Stashes Items in Bloomers

86 year old woman charged with felony shoplifting Sunday

When you’re 86 years old, all the anti-wrinkle cream in the world isn’t going to smooth your cracks and crevasses.

But that didn't stop alleged serial thief Ella Orko of the 1200 block of South California Boulevard from shoving a tube of it down her bloomers-- plus $250 worth of other items! -- in an attempted robbery over the weekend.

Orko, who has been arrested more than 60 times in her life, was charged with felony shoplifting after attempting to steal several items from a North Side grocery store, Chicago police told the Chicago Breaking News Center.

Orko's due for bond hearing today after being arrested Sunday for stealing the items from a Dominick’s food store at 2550 N. Clybourn Ave, in the Lathrop Homes area of Lincoln Park, police said.

Other items found in Orko’s skivvies include four packs of Taster’s Choice coffee, several packs of salmon and a number of cosmetic items, Chicago Police Officer Robert Perez said.

Even though the total value of the items was only $250, Perez said Orko’s extensive criminal history – 60 arrests, many of them theft-related, and 13 convictions – caused authorities to charge her with felony shoplifting.

"Supposedly, she's a habitual shoplifter," Perez said.

Guess she's just the cream of the crop.

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