Grandmother, Family Friend Hold Press Conference on Semaj Crosby Investigation

What happened to Semaj Crosby?

 Tuesday night, pressure was put on the person or people who know the answer to that question.

Semaj's grandmother, Darelene Crosby, and family friend Tamika Robinson, who police have labeled as persons of interest in the case, said they came to New Generation Harvest Church in Chicago to claim their innocence and push Will County investigators into action.

"I want to see justice for Semaj and my justice is an arrest and conviction," Darlene Crosby said.

Semaj Crosby, 17 moths old, went missing in Joliet on April 25. Her little body was found under the couch two days later.

"I don’t know how she ended up under there," Darlene said. "Why would I worry about her while she was in the care of her mother?"

Darlene describe a timeline that puts Semaj outside the home, dancing at 3 p.m., getting her diaper changed by her mother at 3:45 p.m., then never seen again alive.

"Like I said from day one," Robinson said. "I ain’t seen the baby, she was never there when I got there."

Will County officials have said all four women have been uncooperative. But they argue that they were questioned for more than 16 hours--they consider it very cooperative.

Like others there that day, they claim not to know what happened to Semaj--or who started the fire that burned the house down days later.

Darlene said she took a polygraph test and failed--but called it a hoax. She said she would do it again.

They are asking for a renewed investigation.

The coroner said Semaj was suffocated.

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