Graham Elliot Kicks Food Critic Out of Restaurant

Chef upset over Steve Dolinsky's negative review of Charlie Trotter's


Food fight!

Chicago Eater reports that celeb chef Graham Elliot had TV food critic Steve Dolinsky kicked out of his new West Loop restaurant, G.E.B., Thursday.

Dolinsky, known as the Hungry Hound, tweeted that he was kicked out of the restaurant during the lunch hour after eating three dishes.

The chef, who wasn't inside the restaurant at the time, ordered Dolinsky kicked out after receiving a call from a manager.

Elliot says he won't let Dolinsky eat at one of his restaurants after he posted a negative review of Charlie Trotter's restaurant last October. Trotter is one of Elliot's mentors.

Elliot vowed not to let Dolinsky inside one of his restaurants again, and apparently the opportunity to boot him out didn't come up until Thursday.

Elliot tweeted:

Dolinsky called the move "classy" on his Twitter feed -- obviously in jest -- and also tweeted to Elliot that he loved the spring risotto and questioned why he was kicked out.

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