Gradual Warm-Up Ahead for Chicago

At this time two years ago it was 82 degrees

This should put things into perspective-- at this time two years ago it was 82 degrees.

On Sunday temperatures dipped back down to well-below average with highs reaching only into the mid-20s, making for a chilly day for St. Patrick’s Day revelers in Chicago.

When compared to March 2012, which broke or tied warm temperature records for 10 consecutive days, this winter’s brutally cold and snowy season seems much worse.

The city has entered the third snowiest winter season on record and is just inches away from second place. It is also one of the coldest winters on record, with December to February temperatures marking the third coldest meteorological winter.

But Sunday's winter conditions are expected to improve slightly during the week ahead.

Monday will stay chilly, with temps reaching into the mid-30s, but marking the start of a warm-up.

Tuesday’s temps will spike into the 50s, with a high of 52 degrees.

Things will stay average for the rest of the week with temperatures hovering in the mid to upper-40s and even reaching near 55 degrees by Friday.

That’s still almost 30 degrees cooler than two years prior.

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