Governor Rauner Has Yet to Visit Flood-Affected Areas in Illinois

Northern Illinois has been inundated with storms and historic flooding in recent days, but there has been no word or sighting of Governor Bruce Rauner following the deluge.  

As of Thursday evening, the governor has yet to visit the areas impacted, and has yet to issue a press release detailing what his office is doing to help the areas that are underwater.

Across the border in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker toured Kenosha and declared a state of emergency in Kenosha, Racine, and Walworth counties because of the widespread flooding.

He’s also called in 100 Wisconsin National Guard soldiers to help local officials with traffic control and to check on residents in the affected areas. 

Rauner is in the midst of a staff shakeup in Springfield, and his new team has not responded to questions about the governor’s whereabouts.  

However, sources say after NBC 5 started asking there is word the governor will tour the impacted area Friday.

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