Governor Rauner Hires New ‘Body Man' After Controversy

After controversial tweets forced the ouster of his “body man” in July after just one day on the job, Governor Bruce Rauner has found a new person to fill the job.

The governor’s office has hired Anthony Galullo to fill the role that was left vacant after the firing of Ben Tracy last month. Galullo had previously worked for the Rauner administration as an Operations Analyst, and he was a James Dunn Fellow in the governor’s office from 2015 to 2016.

Galullo’s hiring as a close aide to Governor Rauner comes after the previous staffer was fired following the revelation that he had sent “unacceptable tweets” on his personal Twitter account.

Some of the tweets included homophobic and racist language, and one made light of a former Congressional candidate allegedly assaulting a reporter in Montana.

“Maybe body slamming reporters is the winning formula for republicans in IL?” Tracy purportedly tweeted.

After the staffer’s ouster, Governor Rauner insisted that he had never interviewed Tracy for the position, saying that he had only met with him once before he was brought on board. 

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