GOP: When in Doubt, Shoot the Messengers

National polls show Republicans bear brunt of the blame for shutdown.

In the run up to last year’s presidential election, when much of the Republican faithful—not to mention the political establishment—thought Mitt Romney couldn't lose, true believers had a simple explanation why poll after poll showed Barack Obama was well on his way to victory.

The polls in question were lying.

From TPM:

Republicans and conservatives repeatedly questioned polls taken during the 2012 campaign that showed President Barack Obama with leads over Mitt Romney. The so-called "poll trutherism" reached an apex when a conservative activist named Dean Chambers launched the now-defunct website,

Now, with national polls showing Republicans bearing the brunt of the blame and growing disapproval for their part in the current government shutdown, national Republican figures are back to suggesting reality can’t be trusted:

A poll released Thursday brought historically bad numbers for Republicans, but it also marked the return of a conservative faction largely unseen since the 2012 campaign.

The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found an all-time low approval rating for the GOP, but some on the right have sought to "unskew" the numbers.

According to NBC's Mike O'Brien, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who engaged in his own bit of unskewing earlier this week, noted that the poll was "heavily weighted with an awful lot of Democrats".

For a party and politicians that regularly preach personal responsibility, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of willingness to face hard facts when reality turns against them.

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