Chicago Bears

No Winners at Goose Island Field Goal Challenge Event

A large group of Chicago Bears fans braved the cold and headed to the Goose Island Brewery on Saturday to see if they could do what Cody Parkey was unable to do: hit a 43-yard field goal.

After countless attempts and some truly hilarious screw-ups, no one was able to knock through the field goal that would have won them a truly remarkable prize.

“Thank you all so much for braving the cold and snow for today’s event. We had a blast and hope you did too,” the brewery tweeted. “Also, not a single field goal kick attempt actually went in.”

If anyone had been able to make the kick, they would have won airfare, a hotel room, and free tickets to any NFL game they wanted to attend next season.

Originally, the prize was going to be a year’s supply of beer, but that idea ended up getting nixed, as it would have violated an Illinois law that prohibits breweries from giving away beer for free.

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