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Golden Knights Cancel Sunday Parachute Performances After Collision That Injured Two

The team initiated a safety stand down in lieu of performing

The Golden Knights parachute team has canceled their performances Sunday following a mid-air collision Saturday that left two parachutists injured, one critically.

The team initiated a safety stand down in lieu of performing, according to Golden Knights spokesperson Donna Dixon.

On Saturday morning, a group of parachutists were performing a "bomb burst" movement, in which they circle each other in the air with red smoke separating them, when two of the performers collided mid-air and fell to the ground, Dixon said.

One of the parachutists landed on the beach and the other landed at 1400 North Lake Shore Drive, near the main viewing area for the show.

Both were transported to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious to critical condition, fire officials said.

One of the parachutists, who was part of the Army Golden Knights, was transported in critical condition and underwent surgery on Saturday, according to Dixon. The Golden Knight is in his late 20s and has been with the group for four years.

As of Saturday night, the Golden Knight parachutist remained in critical condition.

The other parachutist, a member of the Navy Leap Frogs, broke his leg and was released Saturday.

A witness claims one of the parachutists clipped the roof of a building as he fell, but fire officials have not confirmed that either of the parachutists hit any buildings. The witness, who saw the incident from the roof of a 20-story condo building, also said the man looked unconscious when he hit the roof.

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