‘Don't Trust Anyone': Grieving Mother Says Friend Scammed Her Out of GoFundMe Proceeds

Since losing her youngest son Myles, Lauren Thompson has leaned on family and friends for support.

"It's been rough," she said.

A little over a month old, Myles died unexpectedly in September.

"I feel him," Thompson said. "My kids miss him."

A good friend put together this GoFundMe page to raise money for his memorial and to help his family .

"I thought she was being a good friend," Thompson recalled.

But Thompson says the friend she trusted and has known for more than 20 years, refuses to talk to her or give her the almost $1,500 in donations.

Thompson says this is about more than the money.

"She took advantage of my dying son," she said.

In a statement - GoFundMe told NBC 5 that it’s working to resolve the issue and misuse is extremely rare on the platform. 

"I trusted her," Thompson said.

Thompson says she hopes her story helps others.

"Don't trust anyone," she said. "Even if you think you are sure--be there when they start it--show information."

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