More Dead Goats in Skokie

Resident finds second dead goat in alley

Another dead goat has been found in Skokie.

A found the full body of a dead goat in a bag near his home, marking the second time within a month that the same disturbing discovery was made.

Police said Skokie's health department got a call from the resident on Tuesday.

Upon arrival, the village’s animal control officer discovered a white bag with the carcass wrapped in plastic inside. The bag was in an alley next to a Dumpster, police said.

Police said there was one difference between this incident and a similar incident that occurred last month. In this case, police said, the body of the goat was found to be intact.

In a Jan. 19 incident, the mutilated body of a goat -- missing its head and legs --  was found inside a garbage bag in a snow bank outside the Emily Oaks Nature Center.

The person who found the most recent dead goat said the animal was definitely not there the day before. The body was removed, police said.

Animal sacrifice is still a common practice in some religions. Most often called Santeria,  the practice was ruled unconstitutional in the United States in a 1993 Supreme Court decision.


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