Go to There: Social Media Day

Roberto Luongo
Getty Images

Though we recently cautioned against going overboard with social media, it's impossible to maintain that services like Twitter and Facebook don't have valuable uses.

Since it costs nothing to attend the upcoming Social Media Day event -- is it Social Media Day again already? -- on June 30 at 3304 N. Lincoln Ave., it'd be silly to pass it up due to some sort of Luddite-tinged stubbornness.

Tickets can be snagged here, and aside from the ubiquitous networking at these types of events, it sounds like the presenters are going to drop some serious knowledge bombs. Among those scheduled to appear are: Ramon De Leon, the marketing mind behind six local Domino's Pizzas, Amy Le, grubhub.com's PR and social-media manager, and Jennifer Kedinger, Hyatt Regency Group's social-media marketing manager. If companies that huge embrace social media, shouldn't you?

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