Go to There: Small Business and Entrepreneurship Workshop

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The Putting America Back to Work Movement will hold a June 16 workshop at the South Michigan Hilton from noon until 8 p.m. covering many, many aspects of starting a small business and securing funding for them. Attendance costs $25, and if you’re a politician or a non-small business owner, it’ll be a cool hundo.

That’s pretty cheap, especially since the organization will also be dispensing voucher programs “to help start-up business owners pay for expensive state and local government fees to obtain legal documentation like articles of incorporation, business loan and 501c3 application fee (if starting a nonprofit).”

The event also dovetails with the $10,000 Small Business Start-up Competition, which will be further explained at the workshop. But, all in all, it sounds like a lot of value for not a lot of investment, which should be exactly what most savvy business folks are looking for.

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