Go to There: SES Chicago

The Internet might be ever-evolving, but one of its constant comes in the form of an entrepreneur's need to get noticed on search engines. Without that proper juice, known as search-engine optimization, you're just another grain of sand in the desert.

If this is a topic that's been keeping you up at nights, a try checking out the coming SES Chicago event from Nov. 14 through Nov. 18. The Search Engine Strategies conference has been around since 1999, which, really, is before the Internet was embraced by the mainstream, so they aren't half-assing it at all.

One of the biggest draws for the expo is likely to be Mikel Chertudi, Adobe's senior director of marketing, who has just been added as a keynote speaker. He's the man charged with building the brand and creating demand for the company that makes such ubiquitous programs as Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver. It'll be interesting to hear what challenges Adobe faces to not saturate the web but still maintain a healthy interest in its audience. It's kinda the equivalent of marketing air -- who hasn't heard of Adobe?

Other than that, there will be 70 sessions on social media, local search, video optimization, pay-per-click, and scads of other topics. Tickets to attend run all the way from $25 for expo-only passes all the way up to $2,695 for all-access passes. Dig deep, and then hop over here to register.

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