Go to There: Illinois Small Business Week

Don't be fooled by the blustery temperatures: June is actually around the corner. That's good, because as part of Illinois Small Business Week, on June 30 the Small Business Administration will be holding a business expo.

The event's site is declaring the "credit crunch" to be pretty much over, and regardless of your feelings on that, this is still a convenient chance to meet with at least three potential lending institutions of your choice. Representatives from national, regional, and community banks and other lenders including federal, state, and local government agencies will be available for meetings.

There will also be workshops "capital access and procurement opportunities, and reinventing your company through social networking."

Oh, and there's a luncheon too, because, hey, you can't learn about procurement opportunities on an empty stomach -- you might cramp up.

Tickets range from $50 if you just want to attend the conference and take meetings all the way up to $200 if you want to be an exhibitor. There is no offsite registration for the all-day event at the Union League Club of Chicago -- you can only do it online here.

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