Go to There: Funding Feeding Frenzy


If you've got brass ones and nerves of steel and are in dire need of capital, you should consider registering for next month's Funding Feeding Frenzy. Taking place Nov. 2 at the Grossinger City Autoplex at 1500 N. Dayton St., it's primed to be a brutal shark tank-style event -- basically like American Idol for entrepreneurs, or Thunderdome with funding (and less Tina Turner).

There will be three different panels depending on how much capital you're asking for: the Guppy Bowl for companies seeking less than $250,000, the Piranha Pond for those seeking between $250,000 and $1.5 million, and finally the Kraken Cave for those seeking more than $1.5 million. Just remember: Sharks can smell fear, whereas krakens rule the briny deep with an unparalleled business savvy and the ability to eviscerate any creature foolish enough to pitch it a flimsy idea. There's a reason we aren't marketed many products and services that originated from the ocean.

If you're inclined to try your luck, you can register here. The fee to attend is $97, and if you want to present, it'll run you $697.

Finally, here's the promo from last year's event, which gives you an idea of how brutal the panels can truly be:

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