Glue Girl Says She's Innocent

Therese Ziemann pleads not guilty to false imprisonment

This woman's sobbing glue-hoo-hoo.

Therese Ziemann, of Menasha, Wisconsin, pleaded not guilty on Monday for allegedly participating in a revenge scheme that ended with a 37 year old man's penis glued his stomach.

The woman is facing charges of being party to felony false imprisonment and misdemeanor fourth-degree sexual assault, the Sun-Times reports.

The July 30 incident was allegedly set up by Ziemann and three other Wisconsin women, including the man’s wife.

After showing up at a motel to act out a bondage fantasy with Ziemann, the man, whose name is not being disclosed because he is an alleged victim of sexual abuse, agreed to be tied to a bed with “nice fabric” that the two had agreed upon.

In September, the man went over what had happened to him after his wife and two other women, Wendy Sewell and Michelle Belliveau, both 43, appeared in the motel room holding a tube of glue.

“It got chaotic real quick, real fast,” the man testified in Calumet County Circuit Court. “I was telling them, you can’t let her do it. This is assault.”

The man then got punched twice in the face and had his penis glued to his stomach, after which all four women fled the scene.

So far, Belliveau is the only woman to have entered a not-guilty plea. Her two-day trial is due to begin Jan. 27.

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