“Glee-mance” Draws Couple Together

LA guy meets Chicago girl on "The Glee Project" web site

One of the most popular shows on TV may soon get a reputation for creating love connections.

"The Glee Project" reality show is hosting casting auditions in Chicago this week, but one of the hopefuls is here for a dual purpose -- the casting calls helped him in the romance department.

Marcos Estevez of Los Angeles was on the show's Web site when he came across a contestant profile for a "beautiful" Loyola student named Rachel.

He reached out via Facebook, and the two started communicating.

"We've been talking for 23 days, just getting to know each other, Skyping and Facebook chatting," Estevez said.

And that's when Rachel's grandmother decided to get involved.

"It was super last minute, but her grandmother was creeping on her Facebook and she was like, 'Who's this guy, what's he all about?'" Estevez said. "She sent money to Rachel and said, 'It's not a gift. I just want to give you options,' that's what the note said."

The two discussed it and decided he would pay for half his ticket and fly to Chicago for the auditions -- and to hang out, of course.

Rachel didn't advance in Sunday's auditions but Estevez managed to make it through the first round on Monday.

But more importantly, is it a love match?

"She's adorable and so much fun to be around," Estevez said. "We have great chemistry online, which is weird ... we'll see what happens in the future."

"The Glee Project" serves as an audition for the FOX series Glee.

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