Incredible ‘Ghost Apples' Appear on Michigan Farm

Nature can produce some truly incredible sights, and thanks to the last week’s mix of freezing rain and rapidly changing temperatures, a Michigan apple farmer captured one on camera.

The phenomenon, which Michigan farmer Andrew Sietsema dubbed “ghost apples" on his Facebook page, are exactly what they sound like. While picking apples on the farm, Sietsema noticed that freezing rain had coated some of the apples in ice, and as he pruned trees, some of the rotten apples would slide out of the bottom of the frozen orbs, leaving a perfectly formed “ice apple” in their place:

Sietsema told WoodTV, an NBC affiliate in Grand Rapids, about the incredible scene, saying that apples have a lower freezing point than water, meaning that even as ice remained frozen, an apple would thaw out and leak out from the bottom of the ghostly ice remnants.

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