Chicago, Get Ready for the Boot

Amnesty ends, brings in $7 million for city

Amnesty works.

And the city of Chicago's bank  bank account has $7 mllion to prove it. The city raked in the money and wiped 135,000 unpaid parking and red-light tickets off the books during a 10-week amnesty.

But beware if you didn't take advantage of the city's generosity.
Starting in April, a new threshold for applying the wheel-locking Denver boot will take effect. Instead of three tickets qualifying the car for a boot, two unpaid parking tickets will cause the car to immobilized until the tickets are paid.
The city waived only 50 percent of the penalties, and only on tickets issued before Jan. 1, 2007. In order to qualify, tickets had to be paid in full.
Chicago's Office of Budget and Management projected a $1 million take from the amnesty.

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