Gas, Hot Water Shut Off For 36 Portage Park Families

Current owner says he was left with large outstanding bill

Several Portage Park families are frustrated after their gas and hot water was shut off last Thursday.

The affected residents rent homes in the same building as the historic Portage Park Theatre.

"It's very frustrating that you have to boil hot water in the microwave to wash your son. I mean, come on," resident Timothy Downs said.

"Something needs to be done. The owner, the landlord, someone needs to come up here, we need justice," another resident said.

Residents say calls to the management company and the owner have gone unanswered, but NBC 5 was able to contact the owner, Eddie Carranza, who bout the 36 apartments last year.

Carranza says he didn't realize the previous owner left him with a $30,000 bill, $10,000 of which he's been able to pay off.

Carranza told NBC 5 that he intended to pay off the balance on Monday afternoon, but it's not clear if the payment was ever posted.

Alderman John Arena told NBC 5 that People's Gas was concerned about not being able to get access to the building to conduct safety checks.

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