Gary's Jackson Museum on Life-Support

Gary, Indiana can't do anything right.

A proposed Michael Jackson museum in Gary, Indiana has gone the way of the star it was supposed to honor.

It’s dead.

"It seems that Gary, Indiana, has yet again missed a valuable opportunity to make something of its city," Richard Coles the head of the New York-based firm that was set to build the museum said Tuesday, according to WBBM news.

Coles visited Gary two weeks ago pitching plans to build the museum on a plot of land that his company owns but still hasn’t heard back from the dilapidated city.

Another proposal, a Jackson Museum Performing Arts Center, is also may pass by Gary. The group incorporated last month in Illinois and launched the Web site, to raise money for the space.

Developers for the performing arts center are considering locations in Las Vegas, Chicago and Gary. That’s two world-class cities, and Gary.

Phillip Kupritz of the New Gary Development Group said he’d like the center to go in an abandoned Sheraton Hotel there, despite a lack of progress at the site.


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