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N-Word, “KKK” Graffiti on Garage Door

About 15 homes targeted in rash of vandalism, police say



    N-Word, “KKK” Graffiti on Garage Door

    Three men have been charged in connection with a rash of vandalism that included racial slurs and hate speech on the city's Southwest side.

    About 15 homes were targeted, police said.

    David Belardo, 18, was charged with a felony hate crime. He also faces several misdemeanor charges.  Steven Schultz, 19, and Daniel Hilbert, 20, were charged with defacement and other misdemeanors.

    Antwana Muhammad, an African American mother of seven, told the Chicago Tribune that she had the N-word and the letters “KKK” spray painted in bright orange on her garage door.

    She said she fears the harassment could turn violent.

    “Who knows? What if I go outside and there’s a burning cross,” Muhammad told the Tribune.

    Her garage door has been the target of racist graffiti three or four times since moving to the West Lawn neighborhood, and she said she’s never experienced such hatred before.