Gabrielle Union Responds to Viral Video of Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler

Ooh, Jimmy Butler is in trouble.

As he was sitting on the bench during Monday night’s game against the Pistons, Butler was spotted mouthing to someone off camera and pointing to teammate Dwyane Wade.

One fan came up with a creative interpretation of what Butler was saying, posting a Vine video with the caption “When Your Trying To Hook Up Your Boy With Girls At The Club.” [[407646605, C]]

That video quickly went viral, racking up more than 3.3 million plays in less than 24 hours and even catching the attention of Wade’s wife, actress Gabrielle Union.

Union quickly shut down any sort of wingman activity on behalf of her husband, tweeting “... crosses Jimmy off the BBQ list” to her millions of followers. [[407646655, C]]

The Twitter user who posted the original video immediately asked for forgiveness, tweeting back “I’m sorry @jimmybutler” with - what else - another Vine, this time of former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau apologizing. [[407646695, C]]

As for Butler himself, he took to Instagram to clear his name, reposting the video with the caption, “when you talking about who should get the ISO with @johnson_c5 but IG people play too much. still funny @dwyanewade.” [[407646745, C]]

It turns out that Butler was trying to communicate with his trainer about who should take the next isolation play, not set his teammate up on a date as it may have appeared.

No word from Wade himself if Butler is actually in the hot seat, or if his fellow Marquette alum will be lucky enough to get back in Union’s good graces.

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