Future Mayor Hopeful: “Wake Up Chicago”

Store owner campaigns for mayor via window signs

A lot of people like to complain about the city's leadership. Few people take their message to the streets. 

But Sam Wolfson, owner of String-A-Strand bead shop in Lincoln Park, has started a political manifesto in the street windows of his shop.

Wolfson has officially announced his 2011 candidacy for mayor via handwritten signs hung in his store’s windows. He uses the window space to ask citizens for write-in votes and to post his own political propaganda. Wolfson touches on subjects that are crucial to both the minds and wallets of Chicago citizens.

“Wake up Chicago. We can’t be that stupid to put these corrupt politicians back in office,” Wolfson said in one window sign. “Especially Daley and Stroger who sold the people of Chicago down the toilet selling the parking meters and raising the tax to the largest in the country.”

Parking meters outside String-A-Strand have recently jumped from one quarter to four quarters for one hour of parking.

Wolfson promises that if he's electe he will abolish the parking meter lease, get the sales tax down to 9 percent or less and “fix the potholes.”

Take that, Mayor Daley. You best be shakin’ in your boots.

Regardless of how seriously we can take Wolfson’s political potential, his renegade “campaign” is representative of many Chicagoans who are becoming increasingly frustrated with recent governmental decisions.

After all, according to Wolfson, “100 percent” of neighbors who read his signs agree with him.

Look out, 2011. There’s a new Wolf(son) on the prowl.

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