Fundraising Deadline to Keep St. Walter Catholic School Open Quickly Approaches

A community in Morgan Park rallied around a Catholic elementary school Monday, hopeful they will be able to keep its institutions’ doors open as the fundraising deadline quickly approaches.

St. Walter Catholic School has been a fixture on Chicago's South Side for decades and now, school officials say they needed to fund $160,000 over the weekend.

The principal says they're very close to reaching their goal.

The administration is set to meet with the Archdiocese of Chicago on Tuesday to see if they are able to receive a fundraising extension to save the school.

A school that’s been a fixture on Chicago’s South Side for decades, St. Walter’s, now faces closure. NBC 5’s Sabrina Santucci has more on the school’s mission to keep it’s doors open.

Julisa Buford is hoping the school remains open for her daughter, Kylee, who was to be enrolled at   St. Walter next year.

“I liked what they offer—the curriculum,” Buford said. "I could see her being here for the next 8 years."

St. Walter has encountered some of the same struggles as other Catholic schools in the area—and declining enrolment for one.

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Another parent, Kendra Wingfield, says her son is in first grade.

"I didn't want to tell my son but I told him this weekend that we may have to find another school,” Wingfield said. “He says ‘why mom?’… I love St. Walters. He's trying to make things and give me things to make money and to raise money for the school."

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