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Oftentimes #StrideInspiration intends to motivate you to just get out the door. But once you win that battle, sometimes the mental war has just begun. Learning how to get past a mental road block during a race can be one of the most valuable skills a runner can have. New York-based website Well+Good has a few strategies to help you keep your mind going when your body wants to quit. 

1. Set short-term goals. Set your sights on a not-too-distant milestone and try to reach it. You might be surprised how quickly you can get to the next tree. Once you pass it, try again. Compartmentalizing your run can turn a long stretch into many little victories. 

2. Be flexible. Just because one part of the race doesn't go quite as you planned, doesn't mean the next stretch has to be the same. Turn discouragement into an opportunity for improvement. 

3. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Simply recognizing that you're letting negativity creep in puts you in the right direction to move to positivity. As soon as you hear your inner monologue fill with can'ts, start to tell yourself you will

4. Distract yourself. Come up with a word or search game to play, count by a strange multiple, sing along to your music or even make up stories in your head. Getting your mind off of quitting makes that option disappear pretty quickly. 

5. Visualize success. When you're tired, you may think that the last thing you'll ever see is the finish line. But if you can envision yourself crossing the line, and how it feels to overpower your mental road block, you can use that adrenaline to push yourself just a bit more. 

For more on each point and expert psychological advice, check out the full article on Well+Good here. Got any more tips that get you over the mental hurdle? Let us know on Twitter @StrideNBC with the hashtag #StrideInspiration and we'll post your inspiration next week!

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