‘Freezing' Radio Finally Thaws for Suburban Driver

A driver said his 2015 model vehicle’s high-end integrated voice and radio system works only half the time he’s behind the wheel. He said he contacted NBC 5 Responds after more than a dozen trips to the dealer and several refurbished radios still would not solve the problem.

Bryan Zehar of suburban Lyons said the UConnect system is a big reason why he bought his 2015 Jeep Wrangler.

“It was probably the number one selling point,” Zehar said. “I love Jeeps.”

However, Zehar said the system’s display would often “freeze” and no buttons would respond.

“My radio will freeze intermittently when connecting my phone,” Zehar said. “I can’t use AM, FM, satellite, my CD.”

He said in some cases the radio would stay “on” for twenty minutes after it freezes with the key out of the ignition.

According to Zehar, Jeep suggested his phone could be to blame. But he said none of the possible solutions with his phone have worked. He said Jeep even swapped out the unit with refurbished radios.

“This has been a very frustrating problem since they can’t fix my issue or have a resolution to correct my very expensive stock radio,” Zehar said. “I just want it to work, that’s all.”

Jeep would not comment or provide any details when contacted by NBC 5 Responds. However, the automaker later directed Zehar to a local Jeep dealer, where an engineer replaced some wiring and installed a new voice and radio system in Zehar’s Wrangler. 

The new unit has a value of $2100, according to a local parts dealer.

Zehar said the new system is working fine.

“This is the resolution I was seeking and I feel that my issue was taken more seriously after you got involved,” Zehar said.

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