Free iPhone 6 Scam Pops Up On Facebook

BBB says to be aware of free offers recommended from Facebook friends

A free iPhone 6 offer on Facebook has proved too good to be true.

Officials with the Better Business Bureau say scam artists are accessing users' news feeds on the social media site and offering free devices by simply filling out a survey.

But this scam is especially insidious because it appears the offer is coming from one of your friends.

"What we see on this one especially and other Facebook scams, is basically when your friend recommends it, and that's the way they hack into your friend's account or someone else's account, and make it look like it came from Sue, but Sue had nothing to do with it," Chicago BBB president and CEO Steve Bernas said.

"There's not a day that goes by that we don't hear about a scam on Facebook to be quite honest with you."

The scam, uncovered by the Hoax Slayer web site, first asks you to "Like" the ad, then requires you to fill out a survey with personal information like your name, address, email and cell phone number.

Another recent scam asked Facebook users if they wanted to see a video of comic Robin Williams' final words. The problem was, there was no video and the scam left malware on your computer.

Facebook officials say they are aware of the iPhone scam and have already taken down the account, but it was back up and running on Wednesday.

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