Spike Lee

Fr. Pfleger Makes Spike Lee Honorary Member of St. Sabina

Lee will return to Brooklyn this week to finish editing "Chiraq"

"Chiraq" director Spike Lee spent his last Sunday in Chicago at St. Sabina Church on the South Side, where Fr. Michael Pfleger made him an honorary member of the church during mass.

"I thank you, Spike, for your courage," Pfleger said during the service. "With all the hell that came against him from the aldermen, mayor, the pit bulls, he stayed the course because he decided he wanted to address the black-on-black violence and save lives of our future ... because the violence is the core of this."

Pfleger presented a work of art by local artist Maxwell Emcays called "The Lost Childhoods," which is made of wood and pieces of miniature guns to represent gun violence in the community.

Lee will head back to Brooklyn this week to finish editing "Chiraq."

The St. Sabina pastor has supported Lee's "Chiraq" project throughout the filming this summer, holding peace rallies with Lee and and casting calls at his church.

In June, Pfleger hosted a "Chiraq" block party that was initially denied a permit by Ald. David Moore (17th) who opposed the film's title, along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Pfleger took to Facebook to post his disagreement with Moore and said the block party would continue without a permit.

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