“Allah” Told Him to Kill His Family

Suspect is believed to be a relative

In a scene police described as "horrendous", a woman and three children -- one seven months old -- were found shot to death in their home in Marquette Park, allegedly by the father of at least one of the children who was visiting from Wisconsin.

A 12-year-old girl fled the home, notified police, and was taken into protective custody.

The victims include a 7-month-old boy who is the son of the gunman, his 3-year-old neice Kaleisha Larry, and his 16-year-old pregnant niece Keyshai Fields. The fourth victim, a 30-year-old female, was identified as the gunman's wife, who was also believed to be pregnant.

Damon Larry, 13, and Leonna Larry, 57, believed to be the gunman's mother and nephew, were also shot but survived the incident. They were transported to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn in serious condition.  At least one of them is not expected to survive.

"This is a really bad crime scene, really horrendous," said 8th District Commander John Kupczyk. "We see a lot of crime out here that is really tragic to the community and their families, but something like this is really incomprehensible".

Police arrested a a man at 59th and Racine Avenue -- four miles from the shooting -- at around 5:49 a.m. and may have recovered the weapon near there. 

“We do have who we believe is the offender in custody, and we believe we have the weapon used,” said Roderick Drew, news affairs director for the Chicago Police Department.  A motive for the shootings is currently unknown.

The unidentified suspect, who police said lived in a residential home for recent prison parolees in Janesville, Wisc., said "Allah" told him to kill his family.

Distraught friends and family members cried on the street outside the home.

"Oh my God, my sister!" cried one woman as she was comforted by friends. "She was pregnant."

Police responded to the call of a person shot in the 7200 block of South Mozart 4:25 a.m. The call was placed by a 12-year-old boy who said his 32-year-old uncle had come from Wisconsin with his wife and began shooting.

Neighbors in the area are shocked that such an incident could happen in what they call a normally "peaceful house."

"It's just sad that when these kids come out this morning they gotta ask questions and see tape about what happened at the other end of the block," said one neighbor. "But when you have people running around with guns, that's what happens."

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