Fostering Fido During Funky Financial Times

Shelters' foster programs take dogs, cats for 30 days

When you lose your job, you take a tough look at the expenses in your life and cut out things you can't afford. More and more, pets are making that list, and Chicago area shelters are hurting for it.

Shelters are taking in 11 percent more pets than last year, the Tribune reported.   The numbers are sad, with even purebred animals being given up by people who aren't used to being in financial trouble. 

But, there are programs that can help.

PAWS Chicago offers a temporary program for owners in crisis. They will make sure your pet is taken care of for 30 days, but if you need more time, you have to negotiate. Some owners in the foster program do ultimately give up their animals.

PAWS also offers a pet food bank that can help you out with food or cat litter.

The Anti-Cruelty Society also offers a temporary care program for pets and people in trouble.  This shelter also offers free veterinary care for your pet if you've lost your job.  Your animal must be spayed or neutered.  Call 312-664-8338 for more info.

Both foster programs will try to match your pet up with a foster home for the duration, so your best friend doesn't have to live in a cage.

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