Former Madigan Ally Loses Key Lobby Client After Harassment Allegations Revealed

Despite his fall from grace from House Speaker Michael Madigan’s political operation, lobbyist Shaw Decremer appears to be keeping himself busy inside Springfield’s corridors of power.

Decremer, a long-time political ally of Madigan, could be seen inside the Capitol building this week, even after allegations of sexual harassment by former Madigan staffers and state legislators came to light earlier this month. 

According to the Secretary of State’s Lobbyist Activities Index, Decremer is a contractual Illinois lobbyist for more than a dozen organizations, including Major League Baseball, the Casino Law Group, Citgo Petroleum Corporation and Dish Network.

But not all of his customers have stood by the embattled lobbyist. According to records from the Secretary of State, energy giant Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) terminated its relationship with Decremer last week.

Paul Elsberg, a Chicago-area spokesperson, confirmed ComEd stopped working with Decremer last Wednesday when it “learned of the situation.” The decision came two days after NBC 5’s original report on the allegations against Decremer. According to the Lobbyist Activities Index, ComEd filed notice of its termination Friday, Feb. 23.

NBC 5 has also learned that Bolin Brittan Consulting, an Illinois firm based in Springfield, plans to terminate its relationship with Decremer on March 1. The office refused to say whether or not the decision to let Decremer go was a result of last week’s allegations.

At least one company maintained its support for the lobbyist, however: the Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners, who through a spokesman said that Decremer had the organization’s “full support” after a board vote.

Decremer’s other 14 clients — the Chicago Commons Association, Citgo Petroleum Corporation, Dish Network, Draftkings Inc., Fanduel Inc., the Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee, Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals, Illinois State Medical Society, International Brotherhood Of Electrical Workers-Local Union 134, Ismie Mutual Insurance Company, K-12, Inc., Blue Island lobbyist Mona Martin, and V.S.S. Inc — did not respond for comment.

Dave Druker, a spokesperson for the Secretary of State’s office, said a company that terminates a partnership with a lobbyist is expected to report that change in a “timely” matter, although there is no specific legal timeframe.

While NBC 5 reached out to Decremer for comment, he did not respond.

As the political scandal surrounding Madigan’s political operation continues to swirl, the Speaker held a surprise news conference Tuesday to reveal nine allegations of harassment and discrimination his office had received in the last five years.

“We’re gonna continue to do things in a proper manner,” Madigan said. “We’re going to continue to work with all interested parties to move forward the change in culture around the Capitol and in the politics of Illinois.”

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