Former Kindergarten Teacher Provides Digital Lessons to Kids Out of School Due to Coronavirus

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As Illinois parents navigate uncertain times in the wake of coronavirus, a suburban mother is offering structure in a unique way. Megan Jessen, of Lake Bluff, is a former kindergarten teacher, providing children who are out of school a digital classroom.

“It makes me feel really good to be able to help other moms and dads and adults be able to have a little sanity in their lives,” said Jessen.

Jessen is a mother of two, and transformed a section of her basement into “Miss Megan’s Camp Kindergarten,” to keep her own kids engaged while their school is closed for at least the next three weeks. When her friends expressed interest in their kids also taking part, she decided to livestream her daily lessons on Facebook. Within a matter of days, the page gained thousands of followers, with more than 21,000 current members.

“I’m overwhelmed to be honest, in a good way,” Jessen said. “If we can all just use our talents and abilities to help everybody else around us anyway that we can, I think we’re going to get through this time stronger as a community.”

Jessen has a master’s degree in early childhood development and enjoys music. She plays her guitar and sings to children as she teaches them about the calendar, counting, letters, and always ends class with a book.  Her lessons are geared toward children ages 3-7.

“There’s been so much positive feedback from this,” Jessen said. “I’m just glad everybody is enjoying it and liking it.”

Jessen plans to continue her lessons as long as her children are out of school, broadcasting live daily at 9 AM (CT). When asked if she’ll continue past that date, Jessen says she’s taking it one day at a time.

“I’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

Illinois students won’t return to the classroom until at least March 30.

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