Former Cook County Board President Stroger Endorses Preckwinkle

They're former rivals, but that was then, and this is now.

Former Cook County Board President Todd Stroger announced Wednesday he’s endorsing Toni Preckwinkle. Ten years ago Preckwinkle opposed Stroger in the race fo County Board president. Then Preckwinkle’s campaign theme hammered away at Stroger’s penny on the dollar county sales tax hike. She eliminated that tax only to reinstate it later to fill a budget gap.

But Stroger’s endorsement comes with criticism.

Sean Howard, Stroger’s longtime spokesman, disagrees with the endorsement and says “I will always respect President Stroger for his contributions to the African American community and to my family. But, I respectfully disagree with his choice of President Preckwinkle for Chicago’s next mayor. From the issues surrounding the firing of her campaign manager, her Chief of Staff, the huge decline in county vendor contracts to African Americans, the ill advised soda tax and the numerous blatant falsehoods she’s made; Preckwinkle clearly does not reflect the change that Chicago residents are calling for.”

Preckwinkle is also expected to be endorsed Thursday morning by Chance the Rapper, according to several sources.

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