Former Chicago Top Cop Subpoenaed in Jackson Divorce Case

Former Chicago police Supt. Garry McCarthy was one of three people subpoenaed late Tuesday in the divorce case between former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and former Chicago alderman Sandi Jackson.

The subpoena takes aim at fleshing out the extent of Sandi Jackson’s association—if any—with the former top cop and two others. Attorneys are seeking phone records, emails, texts, social media accounts and any specifics on any financial relationship thy may have had.

Also subpoenaed are Chicago police officer James Love and long-time McCarthy friend and business partner Richard Simon.

Sandi Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr. have been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle. One particularly contentious issue has been where the case should be handled—here in Illinois where he lives or in Washington D.C. where she lives.

Earlier this month Jesse Jackson Jr.’s attorney alleged that Sandi Jackson had engaged in certain unspecified acts in Illinois which led to the breakup of the couple’s marriage. Something that could have bearing on where the case proceeds.

“Those would be the acts that gave rise to the cause of action for dissolution of marriage,” said Jesse Jackson Jr.’s attorney Brendan Hammer.

Tuesdays subpoenas demand that McCarthy and the other two men also provide documentation related to any “gifts” exchanged between them and Sandi Jackson including “all cards, letters, notes, etc.”

It also requests “documents evidencing expenses paid,” by them on behalf of Sandi Jackson for “bar expenses, restaurant expenses” and “spa expenses.”

“I really am shocked at this summons given that I have only met Ms. Jackson two times in social settings... there is no communications or any kind or gifts or financial transactions or other items asked for. We have never communicated by phone or electronically ever,” Simon said in a statement to NBC 5.

The McCarthy subpoena is asking for documents and communications going back to May of 2012. The other two go back to January of 2012. McCarthy and Love both did not respond to requests for comment. The next court date is scheduled for March 8 in Chicago.

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