Former Chicago Ald. Danny Solis Charged With Bribery: Report

Former Chicago Ald. Danny Solis, who assisted authorities in building cases against Ald. Ed Burke and former Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, has been charged with bribery, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Solis' single bribery charge is believed to be part of a deferred prosecution deal with prosecutors, but the U.S. Attorney's Office hasn't confirmed if such an agreement exists. The charge stems from when Solis allegedly took money from a real estate developer in 2015, when he was head of the Chicago City Council's Zoning Committee.

Solis, who served as 25th Ward alderman from 1996 to 2019, was known to have worn a wire in the sprawling federal investigation into Madigan's dealings with political allies and associates.

Madigan was in March charged with 22 counts in connection with a nearly $3 million racketeering and bribery scheme. He has pleaded not guilty.

Associated Press/NBC Chicago
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