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Triplets Set to Graduate DePaul Law

Formeller triplets attended same elementary, middle, high school and colleges



    The Formeller triplets talk aobiut how they made it through over two decades of classes together. (Published Wednesday, May 12, 2010)

    Graduation this Sunday from the DePaul University College of Law will be a family affair for the Formellers.

    Almost constantly at each others' sides since they were born 26 year ago, triplets Matthew, Kathryn and Christina are continuing a family tradition started in 1976 when their father, Daniel, graduated from the college.  In fact, Daniel Formeller will be on hand to hood his children during the ceremony.

    "Feels great.  It's definitely an accomplishment. Especially that I get to share this with my sisters," said Matt, the eldest of the three.

    The trio attended Loyola Academy in Wilmette together and then Illinois Wesleyan University where Christina and Kathryn also joined the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority together. 

    The triplets decided on which law school they would attend soon after it became a unanimous decision that they all wanted to study law, according to the release.  Matthew explained that DePaul’s part-time program was especially attractive for them because they had to balance school with family concerns.

    “Our mother had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease during our freshman year of college,” he said. “My sisters and I researched part-time programs so that we could attend class in the evening and care for her during the day.  We knew that we wanted to attend a law school in the city, and we liked the idea of attending our father’s alma mater.”

    The special bond the siblings share is obvious.  And it came in handy during law school. 

    "[One teacher] gave us the opportunity that if any one of us got called on, then anyone of us could answer.  So we like that method.  That worked well," explained Kat.

    But they're not shy about being eager to be done with their educations and heading out into the real world.  They don't yet have jobs, but are hoping to get hired -- together -- by a private firm.

    Eventually they'd like to follow in their dad's footsteps and start their own firm (Formeller is managing partner at Tressler, LLP, a firm he founded with five other attorneys in 1986).

    And what might it be called?

    "Formeller Cubed. Formeller, Formeller, & Formeller, or The Triplets Law Firm," Christina Formeller said with a laugh.