Forgotten Safety Deposit Box Contents on eBay

Bidding ends Dec. 9

Every year, banks turn over the contents of abandoned safety deposit boxes to the Illinois State Treasurer's Office.  The state then hocks your precious comic book collection or familiy heir-looms via an auction, the Daily Herald reports.

In the past, the auction was held at the Illinois State Fair, but without much success.  Since moving it to eBay two years ago, the Treasurer's office has raised more than $500,000 -- enough to make a small dent in the state's $80 billion pension deficit, the Herald reports.

Don't feel bad, these items are truly unclaimed.  After a deposit box goes unchecked for five years a bank is required to start looking for the original owner. If they can't find the owner, the bank turns the stuff over to the llinois Treasurer and their office tries again to track down the rightful owners, according to the Herald.

Check out the 60 items up for sale until Dec. 9 which includes dozens of gold coins, jewelry and other valuables.

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