Forget Classifieds, Try the Street Corner

Creative exec finds job helping others find jobs

When one unlucky executive got laid off last year, he took his job search to the streets. Literally.

After a year of looking for work without any success, Ricky Sean Sease, 32, stood on a street corner in the Loop this past October, holding a billboard that read "Seeking Opportunities," "Resumes Available," and "I need a job." Many pedestrians commended him for actively (and creatively) looking for work rather than just begging for a handout.

During one of Sease's walks down Michigan Avenue, a Leap Career recruiter noticed his binder full of resumes and took one.

Sease now has a job with Leap Career, which, funnily enough, is a retained executive search firm that matches employees to companies.

"I'm in a blessed position to help a lot of people right now," Sease said, via the Sun-Times.

Sease is eager to help anyone looking for work and encourages them to call him at 219-882-1779, or e-mail him at

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