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DNA Expert Testifies in Trial for High-Ranking Cop Charged in Brutality Case

A forensic scientist took the stand Wednesday and described disturbing evidence in the trial for a high-ranking Chicago police officer accused of shoving his gun down an alleged victim's throat in 2013.

Prosecutors say Commander Glenn Evans tried to intimidate Ricky Williams, a then-22-year-old shooting suspect, by placing a Taser to his groin and putting the muzzle of his Smith and Wesson service weapon down his throat. On Tuesday, Williams testified that Evans forced the gun as far down his throat as his Adam's apple.

The incident in question unfolded in January 2013. According to details previously revealed in the prosecutor proffer, Evans claimed he saw Williams with a gun on the 500 block of East 71st Street. The officer then chased Williams into a home, tackled him, shoved his pistol into Williams' mouth and made threats.

The gun that Evans allegedly shoved down Williams' throat has become a central piece of evidence in the trial.

In court on Wednesday, prosecutors brought in DNA expert Debra Klebacha from the Illinois State Police crime lab to discuss the DNA evidence. Klebacha said she found Williams' DNA on Evans' gun after the alleged incident. Under cross examination, she admitted that it was possible that simple contact between Williams and Evans' gun could have been enough to deposit his DNA, meaning the evidence did not confirm the gun was shoved in Williams' throat.

Klebacha told the judge she found a second DNA profile on the gun, but it was not strong enough to make a positive identification.

Previously, state police biologist Jennifer Patterson testified that she chose not to test the gun for saliva to make sure enough genetic material was preserved for DNA testing.

When the prosecution rested, the defense began its case with three officers who were with Evans at the time of Williams' arrest. Their version of events contradicts Williams' testimony. They say Williams resisted arrest and added that they never saw Evans threaten him with a gun or a Taser.

Evans is also expected to bring his own expert to the stand to testify about secondary DNA transfer.

In addition to this week's trial, Evans is also facing a $5 million civil suit in connection with Williams' arrest.

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