FOP Rates Top Cop

Unexpected vote is unflattering, un-surprising

They don't like him, pure and simple.

Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis received an unexpected and unflattering performance review from members of the Fraternal Order of Police late Tuesday.

Rank and file officers registered a "no-confidence" vote against Weis at a monthly meeting, by about 160 of the city's more than 11,000 unionized police officers below the rank of sergeant voting.
The FOP says the vote came up unexpectedly during its meeting, but it was unanimous.

"This is an issue that doesn't come lightly to the membership, thankfully so.  And this shows the level of frustration that they're feeling out there," said union president Mark Donahue.

Donahue said the vote was the result of many issues of concern to police officers, including claims of low staffing at some of the city's police districts, and how they don't feel they have his backing. Weis, formerly of the FBI, has been on the job a year now.

The union blames Weis for poor morale and says it needs a leader who has better knowledge of the department.

Weis said he was "disappointed," but "not surprised" by the vote.

 "I think a lot of it might be based on wanting to deflect some of the anger and frustrations officers are feeling," Weis said.

 Officers still don't have a contract but Weis said, "unfortunately that's not something I can deliver to them."

Weis said he works hard for the 13,500 sworn members of the police department and the residents of Chicago.

"I'm not looking for thank-you's or kudos" said Weis, but he added the department has had many accomplishments on his watch. 

He points to a new fleet of vehicles now trickling onto the streets, and adds he's been promised 200 new officers this year.  

"You have to look at the facts," Weis said, "and sometimes facts get lost when emotions are running high." 

Mayor Richard Daley stands behind his hand-picked choice.

"He's done a tremendous job.  I mean, he's a very good, honest superintendent.  He has a difficult job; all superintendents have," Daley said.

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