Footage Shows Outtakes from Ditka’s 1993 SNL Cameo

Ditka gets frustrated when he has to do multiple takes

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Long before Mike Ditka became the spokesman for Chicago sausages and, he made a cameo on Saturday Night Live.

The scene takes place just days after the Chicago Bears parted ways with Ditka in 1993 and features the popular “Super Fans” characters writing a protest letter to the team.

At the end of the scene, Ditka himself appears in a patriotic sweater, using a Chicago Bears phone and, of course, chewing on a piece of gum.

And while the SNL skit may be decades old, footage of Ditka taping the scene has surfaced on YouTube.

Perhaps the most revealing part of the footage is when Ditka becomes frustrated over having to do the scene multiple times, telling a director behind the scenes that “one is enough.”

“I don’t do [multiple takes] when I get paid to do it,” he says in the footage, while furiously chewing on his gum.

Bears fans know “Da Coach” didn’t take much grief from anyone, but apparently that attitude didn’t stop at the football field.

See the footage below. Note: There is some "Ditka language" in the clip

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